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The beauty of Rotation Manager is that it benefits the school, the hospital, and the student simultaneously, strengthening the relationship between all parties. In addition, the software aims at bettering the student’s experience as a whole by featuring:

  • A mobile web-app allowing students to track rotation information (shifts, instructors, locations)
  • A system enabling students to request that hospital educators refer them for jobs to the hospital HR departments in clinical sites where rotations take place
  • A clinical journal, allowing the students to take notes on their clinical experience, and provide feedback to their instructors
  • A vault where students may request and store electronic letters of recommendation from their instructors
  • The ability to track rotation information to ensure all documents are up to date
  • Access to clinical student onboarding resources from anywhere
  • A student attendance tracking system that allows students and instructors to see their attendance
  • A student tracking system that gives an overview of their progress and provides a resource for future employment
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Everything you need for clinical rotations!

  • Track Your Rotations
  • Meet Requirements On Time
  • Upload From Your Mobile
  • Order Background Checks
  • Order Drug Screenings
  • Get Job References