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Your Questions Regarding Rotation Manager, Answered

If you are curious about Rotation Manager but still have questions, we’d love to get those answered for you. Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our platform followed by detailed answers.
Rotation Manager focuses on clinical rotations and is a unified, 100% online file cabinet, accessible by students, hospitals, and schools. Rotation Manager includes a robust scheduler for clinical rotations and all the compliance tools a school and hospital would need to make clinical education an easy and smooth process. Just one of our many features is the ability to order and track background checks quickly from our platform. Rotation Manager is a one-stop shop for your clinical education needs.
The great thing about our platform is that the system is flexible and adapts to whatever your current process is. If your school process is to have the students gather their documents, then they can upload these through Rotation Manager. If, however, it is you – the clinical rotation manager, who does it for them, you may upload documents on their behalf to the Rotation Manager platform.
The system fully manages documents and is able to detect expiration dates. You will no longer have to chase down students for an expired CPR card. The system performs an automatic check every night. If a document is expiring, the system will send a reminder to the clinical rotation manager and to the student. Alerts are also sent out for any documents that will expire within 30 days. Additionally, you will get a red flag if you are trying to assign a student to a rotation and their document is currently valid but the document will expire before the end of the rotation.
No, Rotation Manager works independently or collectively if you wish. Your college may start using Rotation Manager right away or gradually transition the system into your organization.
Requirements from hospitals and clinical sites are usually already in our system. If they are not, we add these requirements into the system for you.
No, Rotation Manager is simply a web application. No installation is necessary and no IT assistance is required to set up the platform for you. We’ve made sure Rotation Manager is easy to set up and user-friendly.
All communication is encrypted and hosted on world-class enterprise hosting provided by Amazon Web Service. For all financial information, we are PCI compliant. Rotation Manager also incorporates HIPAA compliance features built into the platform and is FERPA compliant.
In the current age of transitioning from paper to digital we’ve made sure our platform supports this easily. Students do not need access to a scanner, but rather they can use their smartphones and take pictures of their documents. They then upload them directly from their smartphone to the platform to meet clinical site requirements. Rotation Manager offers a platform for you to share needed documents with your clinical partners, within the context of rotations.
Rotation Manager features a two-step verification process. In this two-step process, the school assigns students to rotations and then confirms them after verifying their documents. Students do not appear on the hospital user’s screen until they are confirmed by the school.
Rotation Manager can review the documents on behalf of the students and the school when the school elects our document review service. We also provide online tools for the school to perform its own document review, if desired. The hospital also has access to review any document shared by the students and the schools for purposes of clinical rotations, in accordance with clinical affiliation agreements.
Instructors can also create accounts. Some hospital sites require documents from instructors, so having an account for each instructor is extremely beneficial for the hospital. If the hospitals do require this, instructors will see these requirements online.
Rotation Manager is supported by a fully-staffed 3-tiered customer service help desk team that is ready to answer all questions and provide the assistance you need. You can call our team during business hours at: 1 (888) 670-2234. Our office hours are Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST. We are closed on weekends and public holidays.
When you enroll and sign up for Rotation Manager, training is included for schools and hospital educators. Your staff can ramp up quickly and thus benefit right away from paperwork-related efficiencies. This training takes one hour and is performed 100% online.
Rotation Manager is proud to offer a superior platform and unmatched features. To show how we stack up to the other options available in the industry simply click the chart below to see how we compare.

We hope this helped get your question(s) answered. If however, you have a question we did not answer in the above list, please contact our team. We’d love to answer any questions you have and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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