Our award-winning, online platform  helps you overcome two of the main hurdles encountered when managing rotations:

  • Ensure compliance
    • Have complete, up-to-date documentation on file before students are confirmed for a rotation
    • Keep an audit trail and provide reports in the format required by the Joint Commission

Full compliance with The Joint Commission is the gold standard for healthcare facilities, and Health Compliance Passport makes it easier than ever!

The following is a list of Joint Commission standards that Health Compliance Passport helps you adhere to:

Standard SQE.13 The hospital has a uniform process to gather, to verify, and to evaluate the nursing staff’s credentials (license, education, training, and experience).

Standard SQE.14 The hospital has a standardized process to identify job responsibilities and to make clinical work assignments based on the nursing staff member’s credentials and any regulatory requirements.

Standard SQE.14.1 The hospital has a standardized process for nursing staff participation in the hospital’s quality improvement activities, including evaluating individual performance when indicated.

Standard SQE.15 The hospital has a uniform process to gather, to verify, and to evaluate other health professional staff members’ credentials (license, education, training, and experience).[/read]

  • Reduce paperwork
    • Clinical Rotation SoftwareWho knew paperwork was so expensive?  Did you know you could save $1.8million per year per hospital if you use software to manage rotation? Without software providing and managing rotations for 1000 students cost the hospital 2.8million per year, whereas using software will reduce the cost to $1million. Complete the information module on the top right to request your free clinical rotations software ROI study.

Everything you need for clinical rotations:

  • Increase Compliance
  • Reduce Risk
  • Track Expiring Documents
  • Schedule Rotations
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • No More Spreadsheets!