Our COVID-19 Compliance Platform

Since your world is more complex than ever, we provide a simple approach. Our COVID-19 Compliance Solution [SM1] is integrated within our Compliance Passport and Rotation Manager modules[SM2] . The Compliance Passport ensures that all students are 100% compliant before they are permitted to take part in a clinical rotation. Rotation Manager™ is a unified file cabinet linking the clinical site, the school, and the student. Students are each provided with their own account, which they can access with mobile devices. The documents and other information submitted by students are accessible by school administrators and educators at the clinical sites. .


In the era of COVID-19, the world of health education faces unprecedented challenges. Classrooms have shifted to online platforms and clinical settings pose new risks. Infection control guidance continues to evolve, which can make it hard to know if you’re achieving the compliance that’s needed. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. Through our Health Compliance Passport suite of user-friendly solutions, we can help protect students, faculty, and clinical rotation sites from the threat of COVID-19 spread. Consider the value of having key COVID-19 mitigation tools at your fingertips, including: Symptom checker Signed disclosure statements regarding potential COVID-19 exposure. Infection control prevention training with certificates of attendance.

Providing Essential COVID-19 Compliance Tools

Our COVID-19 Compliance Solution provides the essential tools needed for hospitals; nursing and allied health schools and colleges; and students—while supporting HIPAA, FERPA and PCI compliance.By using our COVID-19 Compliance Solution, you’ll have easy access to the four essentials needed to ensure safe clinical rotations within the COVID-19 era: Pre-attendance screening capabilities. Tools to self-report potential COVID-19 symptom and exposure indicators. Training modules that focus on the basics of infection control with certificates of completion. Summary reports that provide a snapshot of each student’s status. Although we face many unknowns in today’s world of healthcare, there is one thing you can count on when it comes to COVID-19 compliance: Health Compliance Passport will be there for you. Contact Us Today To Get Started For the most updated infection control guidance for healthcare and public health, access COVID-19 resources from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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