We understand the problems that come along with managing clinical rotations and student documentation. Wasted time, complex coordination, decentralized records, paper work shuffled back and forth between hospital and school, incomplete rotations resulting from lost papers or minor oversights… All of these hurdles are easily overcome by managing your rotations with  Rotation Manager.

Rotation Manager is an all-in-one student placement scheduling tool that keeps track of paperwork, schedules, availability, and more all in one easy to access online platform. Whether you are trying to juggle a team of students or fill an empty slot for a nurse practitioner, clinical rotations will be a breeze with our at-a-glance scheduling options.

Our award winning software:

  • Obtain Background Checks and Drug Screens, and manage rotations from the same unique platform
  • Serves as a secure and unified file cabinet that allows schools, students, and hospitals to store and access all documentation related to clinical rotations
  • Reduces burden of record keeping
  • Avoids unattended rotations because of incomplete paperwork
  • Merges rotations and paperwork into a single platform
  • Contacts hospital liaisons quickly
  • Produces reports easily and quickly
  • Keeps a history of rotations and students for future reference and possible employment
  • Provides students with a tool to increase their exposure for employment
  • Provides students with a clinical journal, shared with their instructors
  • Used by many schools and hospitals across the nation
  • Simplifies student clinical placements with at-a-glance information
  • Ensures nursing student rotations are fully covered

Everything you need for clinical rotations:

  • Schedule Rotations
  • Meet Requirements On Time
  • Track Expiring Documents
  • Order Background Checks
  • Order Drug Screenings
  • No More Spreadsheets!

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