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Health Compliance Passport is a comprehensive set of user-friendly solutions designed to streamline the rotation process for hospital employees, allied health professionals, and nursing programs. These solutions effectively address compliance standards, ensuring a seamless experience for rotation managers, hospital nurse educators, students, and other stakeholders. Moreover, they save significant amounts of time, effort, and money that would otherwise be wasted.

We presently serve thousands of students in clinical education communities all across the country. The software is composed of three key modules:
(1) a compliance passport which ensures that all students are 100% compliant before they are assigned to the hospital,
(2) a rotation scheduler (Rotation Manager) which manages the calendar of rotations for both the hospital and the schools,
(3) a professional development module to help students in their journey as rising medical professionals and to support their transition to their first role post-graduation.
The professional development module consists of:
– A clinical student journal
– A clinical curriculum transcript
– An engine for referrals for employment
– A module to request and obtain professional references
The Rotation Manager team knows what it takes to create and maintain an efficient system of managing employee and student compliance.
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